Currently, I am studying to get my Master of Art in Visual Development at The Academy of Art University of San Francisco, California. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of California, Sacramento. I am passionate about animation and interpreting color and movement to express themes and stories.

As a young child, I loved telling stories whether through acting, dance, or art. Today, I am still that child with the goal to translate those stories through mood, physical action, and color schemes. Folklore, mythology, and fairy tales give me a chance to expand old stories and create my own vision. I want to communicate ideas that have been absent or underdeveloped in animation to date. Music, dance, and my dog, Charlie, heavily inspire me.

My role models, Milt Kalh and Claire Keene, inspire me to reach for the stars and strive to become both an entertaining animator and expressive visual development artist. As Milt Kalh did with the Aristocats, I want to show intricate character personality with my animation and attention to detail to create a connection with my audience. Also, just as Claire Keane did for Rapunzel in Tangled, I want to have a depth of texture and storytelling through color and movement. The unique situations I experience in my life help me bring a fresh and exciting perspective to my stories and art.

Rebecca Kasten | Design by Kristy Springman