Ida’s Flowers

A young girl asks her mother why flowers lose their petals. She explains how flowers come alive and attend the grand ball held in the royal gardens. Upon returning home, after dancing all night, the flowers lose their petals and must wait for next spring to bloom again.

Outlook Good

 A bouncing ball ends up under the couch and bumps into a magic eight ball. Becoming friends, the bouncing ball helps the magic eight ball out from under the couch, but things don't end up as expected.

El Tango Borracho 

A couple joins a tango dance competition at the local theater. As the couple are nervous to perform, another burly couple tries to comfort them leading to the couple becoming drunk. It is time for the couple’s turn to perform and they must dance while inebriated. They don’t win first place, but are elated to have participated and made some new friends.